Our capabilities encompass the full spectrum of real estate development and acquisition.  We start with an overall strategy and undertake site selection, due diligence, analysis and acquisition.  We complete thorough financial analysis and structure the transaction.  During the approval process, we work with the community and local government to obtain approvals for the project.  It is during this time that we work with land planners, engineering and architectural firms to design, shape and scope our projects.  

 After the entitlement process, the physical development  work begins after the financing is put in place and the general contractor is hired.  Project cost control management is a critical element of our capability.  We coordinate the work of the engineers and general contractor and ensure the site work is properly completed. 

The vertical process begins once the site work is completed.  We oversee the work performed by the general contractor to ensure the building is constructed in conformity with the architectural plans and specifications.  We will ensure that the contractor is performing the work within budget and on an acceptable time table. 

Ultimately, when the project is delivered, we ensure that the end users of our project are completely satisfied.  We coordinate the complete marketing effort of the project and underwrite the tenants or buyers of the project.  We are experienced in all aspects of asset management once the project is complete.  In the end, we strive for highly satisfied customers and look to provide exceptional returns to our investors.  Above all, we endeavor to maintain a strong sense of honesty, integrity and responsibility.