Investment Criteria

Ironwood Realty Partners LLC seeks commercial real estate investment opportunities in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  We believe that well-designed higher density development, properly integrated into an existing community, adds to the quality of life and property values for existing residents while addressing the needs of a growing and changing population.  Therefore, in keeping with our philosophy and existing assets, we are seeking properties in metro-rail station locations that can be rezoned and developed or redeveloped into a higher development intensity.  We have no restriction on the size of the property.  Properties not in proximity to metro-rail stations will also be considered.

We will also entertain existing income properties where either the property requires additional lease-up, requires renovation or repositioning and or additional density can be developed to maximize the value of the investment.  We will consider these types of properties anywhere in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Ironwood Realty Partners has the backing of a number of large institutional investors and therefore can move quickly to closing if the project meets our parameters.  All investment opportunities can be directed to any of the Principals at their respective email addresses listed on the contact page.